JB is in his tenth year selling a signature line of KellyBronze turkey products at Thanksgiving and Christmas, for the North Kent community. It is an opportunity for customers and JB fans to be welcomed onto his farm and the partnership between JB and Kelly Turkey Farms continues to go from strength to strength. Naturally, he has supplied turkeys to many within the entertainment industry, including One Direction, Kimberly Wyatt and Little Mix, who all recognise that the quality of his products stem from an unrivalled duty of care for his flock.

“It’s not often you get music celebrities wanting to get into turkeys but JB from JLS (Jonathan Gill) and his wife Chloe love farming and have really taken to becoming members of the extended KellyBronze family. The turkeys always look extremely happy, possibly because they are treated to a few JLS songs whilst JB is feeding them!

“Knowing the source-to-table route that our food takes is very important to us. In addition, the fact that our turkey was delivered in perfect time and provided the best tasting Thanksgiving and then Christmas dinner ever, means that we will always go to JB and Chloe in the future!

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